Rapper Pusha T Lays Down Diss…on Tumblr!

Pusha T does not care for your Tumblrarity.

What tipping point is represented when your startup and/or social network is being referenced by some of the most popular rappers being listened to at the moment?

Whatever it is—and whatever it represents—Tumblr seems to have managed its way there. First, they were name-checked on Odd Future’s single “Sandwitches,” released earlier this year. Quoteth one Hodgy Beats of Odd Future:

Kill me with a chainsaw/and let my balls dangle/Triple six is my number/you can get it off my Tumblr.

Charming! Now, Clipse member (and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music signee) Pusha T drops a reference to Tumblr on his latest freestyle, “Peso.” And it’s not nice!

Background: “Peso” is a song by Hottest New Rapper Alive Right Now, a gentleman who goes by the name of A$AP Rocky, who recently found himself on the receiving end of a $3M record deal. The song “Peso” and the clip for it is basically everywhere.

So, as is wont to happen when a rapper releases a popular (“hot”) track, other rappers will release their own raps over that beat, usually in the form of a “freestyle.” And Pusha’s freestyle for “Peso” came out (or: “dropped”) today.

In Pusha’s take on “Peso”, the rapper regards A$AP Rocky’s recent success and record deal as marginalized when given to comparison of his own success (fiscal and otherwise), noting:

“If money talks you mumblers/you try it on/and take it off/then post a pic on your Tumblrs.

For those looking to parse that, it is Betabeat’s professional opinion that Pusha T is noting the documentation of one’s ostensible wealth as hollow and for-show, as evidenced by the mere act of one posting such evidence to one’s Tumblr. One might even go so far as to suggest that Pusha is commenting on the financial demographic of Tumblr users at-large as marginal to his own.

For the record, Pusha T is on Twitter, Facebook, and has a website with an RSS feed, but does not seem to have a verifiable presence on Tumblr (pushat.tumblr.com and pusha-t.tumblr.com are both otherwise occupied).

And also, for the record, A$AP ROCKY does indeed have a Tumblr presence.

Rapper Pusha T Lays Down Diss…on Tumblr!