Ryan McGinness Paints Tribeca Red

Trish Goodwin and Ryan McGinness

It seems that pop artist Ryan McGinness just couldn’t settle down in the Meat Packing district. He purchased a place there back in 2006, but didn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about the neighborhood. “I honestly don’t know much about the new area. I do know that it is loud on the weekends,” he told The Observer at the time of the purchase.

As we all know, the light night ruckus has only gotten worse, and apparently Mr. McGinness couldn’t take the late night ruckus any longer: Mr. McGinness and his wife, Corcoran broker Trish Goodwin, have just purchased a new Tribeca home.

The lofty new space is sure to please Mr. McGinness. The full floor three-bedroom has plenty wall space, meaning plenty of room for art. But they won’t need museum lighting, as the high ceilings allow a “flood of afternoon light” into the bedrooms and main living space, according to a listing from Warburg broker Deborah Lupard.

It looks like the art market is weathering the economic downturn just fine, as the couple purchased the place for $2.04 million, according to the deed, slightly less than the $2.095 asking price. The loft was sold by Daniel and Mara Hochman who, city records show, had lived there since the early 90s.


Ryan McGinness Paints Tribeca Red