Second Park Slope Serial Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested

The Park Slope sexual assault suspect poster

Now that everyone in New York has learned that at least 20 incidents of sexual assault have occurred in the Park Slope area since March, it’s bound to drive real estate way down.  But don’t worry: the NYPD have caught a second suspect in just as many weeks in relation to the incidents. According to The New York TimesCity Room blog, 32-year-old Queens resident Joshua Flecha was approached by a plainsclothes police who thought he was breaking in to a car. Turns out, he was just masturbating onto a car:

Officers discovered Mr. Flecha holding a cellphone that was playing a pornographic video; his fly was unzipped and he had marijuana in his possession, Mr. Browne said.

A victim of an attack in May later picked Mr. Flecha out of a lineup for a sexual assault committed at the entrance to the Seventh Avenue F train. In that case, the assailant grabbed her breast and then exposed himself and masturbated in front of her, according to the spokesman.

The first man arrested in association with the attacks, Adolfo Martinez, is still being held without bail after confessing to fondling an 18-year-old last week. Leading us to wonder: does that mean it’s finally safe to go back to Park Slope, or is the NYPD trying to sell the public on a multiple-molester conspiracy? Second Park Slope Serial Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested