Sierra Club says economic growth plan places environment at risk

TRENTON – The N.J. Sierra Club criticized the strategic economic growth plan unveiled by the state as dangerous to the environment.

Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel said that among other things the plan released today will supersede environmental protections such as water quality management rules of the Department of Environmental Protection.

“This Plan was written behind closed doors mostly with developers and the business community with the intention of promoting sprawl and overdevelopment, forcing government agencies to weaken protections of the environment,” Tittel said in a release.

“This Plan is going to be used to justify sprawl and overdevelopment to pave over New Jersey by weakening environmental protections and planning. By encouraging growth in the wrong areas it is going to undermine redevelopment of our existing cities and towns,” he said.

In addition, he said the plan lacks transparency and refers in vague terms to growth areas.

“This Plan is a series of policies and goals without any map,” Tittel said. “Instead of encouraging regional planning they are doing the opposite by undermining regional planning in the state, especially in the Highlands and Pinelands.”

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