Skinny on the Dip: Williamsburg Pool Parties Moving to a Parking Lot

The new site is the vacant lot at center. Looks like a real blast. (Bing Maps)

Things have been up and down ever since the renowned JellyNYC Pool Parties left the McCarren Pool and moved to the Williamsburg waterfront. Sure, the backdrop was nicer, but there have been money woes ever since. Senator Charles Schumer even had to come to the rescue two years ago to keep the party rocking.

The latest complaints come from the neighbors, who are fed up with all the unwashed masses streaming down the side streets of Williamsburg to get to the waterfront. The Open Space Alliance hopes it has a solution, according to The Brooklyn Paper, and JellyNYC will move the parties a few blocks north.

The new location is currently an asphalt parking lot on the east side of the neighborhood’s western avenue, a plot that was once leased by the Sanitation Department before the city acquired it two years ago as part of its plan to build the 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park.

But the park, which could cost several hundred million to develop, has stalled after the city refused to buy its surrounding properties.

How this would cut down on hipsters humping it past all the rowhouses is unclear to The Observer, but perhaps because northern Williamsburg is a bit more industrial, the unhappy homeowners could be avoided. Still, they’re not buying it. “They’re still going to have to funnel upwards of 6,000 people into the neighborhood — that doesn’t seem manageable,” Susan Fensten told The Brooklyn Paper. “And we’re still going to be able to hear it. The era of quiet nights on the waterfront is over.”

If it seems like she’s overreacting, how would you feel if people were doing nitrous outside your house?

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Skinny on the Dip: Williamsburg Pool Parties Moving to a Parking Lot