Slogans From the Occupy Wall Street Counter-Protest

The Occupy Wall Street protest has had some legitimate backlash, include the personal American dreams on the 53 percent Tumblr, a reference to the 53 percent of Americans who pay income taxes. But there is a movement for a counter-protest simmering over on the largely OWS-sympathizer forum Reddit. “Interested in a OWS counter-protest?” the thread says, inviting “people who have unwrinkled business attire” to join an ironic supplemental protest in the spirit of “Occupy Occupy Wall Street,” a development that reminds us of the Million Bunny March at Burning Man, which was protested by attendees dressed as carrots.

Proposed slogans include:

  • These protests are making it difficult to get to my yacht.
  • I thought there would be foie gras.
  • So this is what the rabble looks like.
  • Revolutionaries have overthrown the government in a country that I have heavily invested in. Of course, they aren’t the revolutionaries that I’ve been funding! FML!
  • Occupy Main Street!
  • Everyone who works at a corporation IS A PERSON!
  • Let them eat cake

“Clever ideas like this are why OWS is having such difficulty gaining credibility,” one comment notes.

Relevant:  The New Yorker.

Slogans From the Occupy Wall Street Counter-Protest