NYC Tech Campus: Stanford Adds Alumni Starpower With Larry and Sergey

Cali, Cali, is coming, coming

You knew it was coming. Stanford is bring out the big guns as the final deadline approaches for New York City’s new applied sciences campus. In a video posted to StanfordNYC.tumblr, Google’s co-founders rhapsodize about their younger days as computer science PHDs.

“Larry had this crazy idea he was going to download all the links on the web and do something with them,” says Sergey Brin. “It wasn’t entirely clear what.”

“Google is an interesting story,” continues Larry Page. “It’s a good example of the benefits of pure research. We had no idea what we wanted to do.”

Luckily Stanford funneled that curiosity into a practical business: search, an idea that proved so promising, Mr. Page never ended up finishing his PhD.

“It’s really bred an enormous number of very important companies in the technology world, and I don’t think it’s an accident, I think there is a culture,” said Mr. Brin. “There is a culture of entrepreneurship at Stanford on a scale that I haven’t seen elsewhere.”

And now the hook. “I personally love New York City and I’m there pretty often,” Mr. Brin continues. “It has an energy and a dynamic to it that I think…resonates with what Stanford has. It’s a great opportunity for the University and City to broaden their horizons.”

A little taste of Stanford right here in New York would clearly make Google very happy. Can students and Googlers get cross-cafeteria privileges if they sign the NDA?

NYC Tech Campus: Stanford Adds Alumni Starpower With Larry and Sergey