Statehouse storm-related damage leads to FEMA application

TRENTON – State officials have sent a letter of intent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to apply for a grant that would cover the costs of relocating the mechanical/electrical room and elevator systems in the Statehouse that sustained flooding damage from the recent hurricane.

The elevators were not operational for several weeks as a result of the damages from Hurricane Irene and other storms.

The cost of relocating the substation is $1.7 million and another $500,000 to $600,000 to relocate the elevator systems.

The state would be required to provide 25 percent in matching funds to help pay for the relocation costs, which would come out to about $565,000.

The Joint Management Committee estimated they are about $185,000 short of that target.

The systems would be relocated to a powerhouse that was recommended by a study done in 2007, officials said.

  Statehouse storm-related damage leads to FEMA application