Steve Jobs Now Immortalized with Vintage Hipster Tees

The merchandise market on Steve Jobs’ death continues to grow!

The biography was moved up. The one-man show suddenly became prescient. The movie rights are being negotiated. And now, the T-Shirts are being pressed.

From Ohio’s finest reproduction vintage tee retailer comes a new line of Steve Jobs-celebrating shirts.

The first, a money-quote from Jobs’ famous Stanford University commencement speech:

And the second pays tribute to the hobbyist club whose monthly meetings Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak attended:

Homage notes:

From 1975 to 1986, a group of Silicon Valley computer hobbyists met monthly at the Menlo Park Community Computer Center to trade parts, circuits and information about building computers. From the ranks of the club came many forward thinkers, including Bob Marsh, George Morrow, Gordon French, Adam Osborne, Lee Felsenstein, Bob Lash, Mike Fremont, Len Shustek, Walter Bryant, Marty Spergel, George Oetzel, Ralph Campbell, Mike Carlisle, John Draper and Jerry Lawson. Also members of the club were Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

And for a little under $30 a pop, you can be a part of that club, too. If you see anything else on the Steve Jobs Secondary Market, we’d love to hear about it. Steve Jobs Now Immortalized with Vintage Hipster Tees