Steve Jobs’s Last Words Revealed; Immediately Turned Into a Website


Mona Simpson, sister of the recently-departed Steven Paul Jobs, eulogized her revered brother at his memorial service on October 16. The eulogy itself was published in The New York Times this weekend; highly personal, very sweet and worth the #longread. Perhaps she didn’t realize that repeating Jobs’s final words–“OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW”–would set off an internet-led quest for meaning (or profit). “Someone already reserved,” one user noted on Twitter. “Enterprising lot, aren’t we?”

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The domain, registered to Christopher Noble of Brighton, U.K., already features a skeleton WordPress site with a photo of the CEO and a link to the eulogy–the full-page version, as is only Jobsian. Right now the site says:

The final words of Steve Jobs “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.” were the inspiration for this site. Here you can read the very moving eulogy by Mona Simpson, Steve’s sister in the New York Times.

Steve himself said: ”Death is very likely to be the single best invention of life because death is life’s change agent”

Although we’ll never know precisely what he meant, Jobs wasn’t the first to utter the phrase. belows to the Oh Wow Recording Organization; the Twitter handle @ohwowohwowohwow was registered in 2009 to the Vancouver-based Director of Sales for the Capilano Group of Companies, Doug McCandless.

Will this stop the meme-ification of Jobs’s final words from making tracks on the information superhighway? After all, as Ms. Simpson wrote, “he didn’t favor trends or gimmicks.” (Although Jobs would probably rather be remembered for a cryptic and fascinating quote than for his final conversation with Rupert Murdoch.) Our guess is … not. Taking bets on when the vintage hipster tee comes out: today, or tomorrow?

  Steve Jobs’s Last Words Revealed; Immediately Turned Into a Website