Steve Martin, The Twitter Book: Actually Happening

The Twitter Literary Canon is receiving a new, highbrow, high-profile addition.

Steve Martin—comic legend and celebrated actor, celebrated novelist, not entirely celebrated panel speaker, but still the guy behind (the actual, sans-penguins) Happy Feet—is creating a book of his Tweets, which he announced on Twitter with little fanfare and trademark modesty.

Reuters reports:

The book will be called “The Ten, Make That Nine Habits, of Very Organized People. Make That Ten,” and will be a collection of Martin’s tweets as well as responses from followers, publishers Grand Central Publishing said in a statement. The book is due for release in summer 2012, and all profits will go to charity.

Books culled from Twitter are, if you haven’t heard, big business! Be they Shit My Dad Says (turned into an unsuccessful TV show, but still: a #1 New York Times bestseller) to this year’s collection of Tweets from Dan Sinker (AKA: @MayorEmmanuel) they’re generally ready-made books with quick turnaround times that sell well, a nice niche boon for a publishing industry that can still use all the help it can get.

No word on whether Martin’s good pal, Oscar co-host, and Saturday Night Live-hosting-record-competitor Alec Baldwin will be getting into the paper-binding business any time soon, but the guy’s obviously a good fit, given the way he’s quickly mastering the form (which goes without mentioning his savvy in using it to shake politicians up). Could be a good fit. Steve Martin, The Twitter Book: Actually Happening