The Pitch, Episode Four: Markover – Growing Up Startup

It’s time for the fourth installment of our first original webseries, The Pitch. This episode features Markover, a startup founded by Kelsey Falter, who is making her way in the New York tech scene and finishing her undergrad at Notre Dame to boot, completing a degree in graphic and product design.

Ms. Falter grew up in a entrepreneurial household watching her mother run a small business. Now she is working on Markover, a service that allows users to comment anywhere on a page, creating a layer of live conversation around online media.

Imagine a  breaking news story about a daring hot air balloon rescue. With Markover users could begin having a live conversation around photos or video that they found especially compelling. And advertisers could target a publisher’s audience where they are most engaged.

Our venture capitalists, Ben and Jordan, dig the team and the tech, but aren’t so sure the product can scale. Watch to see what happens.

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