The Popcorn Broker! Oliver Stone Shooting Robert Moses Movie for HBO

Not since David Lynch (tried) to adapt Dune for the screen has The Observer had such conflicted feelings about a movie: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oliver Stone will adapt The Power Broker, Robert Caro’s epic 1,161-page door stop of glory, into an HBO special.

The book, detailing the rise and fall of master builder Robert Moses, is lush with details, one of those books that feels at once made for the screen and yet impossibly adaptable. The Observer dying in anticipation for what could be the best or worst film by Mr. Stone, or even anyone. And who might play Moses?

In addition to assuming directorial duties, Stone will executive produce with former studio chief Peter Guber and Sopranos vet James Gandolfini.

Gandolfini’s managers Nancy Sanders and Mark Armstrong are attached as co-executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer (Collateral Damage, The Prince of Egypt) on board to pen the telepic.

We have no idea if it will be James Gandolfini in the end, but can you imagine? He’s got the build, the accent, the gravitas, that’s for sure. Over on Gothamist, they’ve lined up a few of their favorites, and if those are our choices, The Observer would have to go with Stanley Tucci.

Hopefully it will not take Mr. Stone as long to make his movie as it did Mr. Caro his book.

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