The Wee Hours: Occupy Easy Street!

Rubbing elbows with the One Percent—the former chief of Salomon Brothers.

Dessert and coffee came, but croissants remained on the table, and the same woman sitting next to us went for a tray.

“Maybe I’ll take half of one,” she said. “That’s what I deserve.”

After Cipriani, The Observer headed downtown to the Boom Boom Room. It was the after party for the premiere of Margin Call, a film about a Lehman-like firm in the throes of financial disaster. It stars Kevin Spacey as a high-powered banker.

In case we were hungry there we’re lobster rolls, and in case we weren’t drunk there were drinks. We headed upstairs to the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, which looks over most of Manhattan, and New Jersey, maybe the whole country if you have the eyes for it.

Talk again drifted to Occupy Wall Street. “Yeah, I’m definitely going out there,” said a fellow balcony-dweller of the demonstration downtown. He had worked on the film.

“It’s something that’s around.” said his friend. “It’s something that everyone’s aware of. I’m definitely up on everything that’s going on but I’m not about to—”

“That one percent has had a loud voice for a very long time.”

Then we asked: is the one percent here tonight?

“Well,” the first guy said. “It wasn’t at a big enough theater…”

He stopped. Someone had pushed open the door.

“My man!”  said the first balcony-dweller.

“My man!” a bearded Kevin Spacey responded.

Then we asked: Mr. Spacey, are you planning on going down to Zuccotti?

“No, I’m on tour,” he said. “I’m literally here for two days.”

Back downstairs, we found no line at the open bar.

“Did you have to pay for that?” a friend asked, pointing to the empty glass of champagne.

We put our flute on the bar.

“Of course not,” we said.

And then the bartender filled the flutes just over the tops of their brims.

The Wee Hours: Occupy Easy Street!