To Clarify: Occupy Wall Street Does Not Hate Jews

Calling Wall Street "Hitler's Bankers" is not anti-Jewish.

Despite what you might have heard from the many conservative outlets looking to discredit the movement through a couple of crazy people with “Jews = Bank Bailout” signs, the majority of Occupy Wall Street is not anti-Semitic. Because that’s what we were all worried about, right?

From Jonathan Chait‘s piece on today:

When writing about the Occupy Wall Street protests, Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin complains, “virtually nothing has been said about its anti-Semitic elements.” And yes, virtually nothing has been said! Unless you count David Brooks. Or Fox News. Or The Wall Street Journal editorial page. Or Rush Limbaugh, the Weekly Standard, the Daily Caller, Commentary, Karl Rove, National Review Online, Newsmax, Reason, and toomanyblogs to name.

Not to mention this video that has been circulating:

Yikes! That’s a lot of media scrutiny for hate rhetoric towards a group that held Yom Kippur services, as well as Shabbas. Someone should probably alert Jewsish Week and tell them to stop sending “their people” to Zuccotti Park…unless they want trouble. To Clarify: Occupy Wall Street Does Not Hate Jews