Uptown Grr! Protesters Start Occupying The Upper East Side

Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Lower Manhattan took the rolling, roiling march up to the Silk Stocking District this afternoon with a raucous protest in front of the homes of some of New York’s wealthiest residents.

Several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the Plaza Hotel at the bottom of Central Park chanting, “We are the 99 percent! And We Are On The Upper East Side!” and made their way north, first to Rupert Murdoch’s building at 834 Fifth Avenue, then on to David Koch’s building on Park Ave, and later to Howard Milstein and John Paulson’s homes further uptown. They carried signs which said, “Tax the Millionaires,” and some carried homemade signs that said “Koch Brothers–Dem Belly Full” and “No More Cake–Off With Their Heads!”

A heavy police presence followed the marchers as they made their way uptown and they snarled traffic for several blocks surrounding the march. ¬†Residents of the Upper East Side looked on with a mixture of annoyance–mostly for the inconvenience the march caused–and amusement. In front of Mr. Murdoch’s building, one elderly gentleman stabbed at protesters with his cane as he tried to make his way down the crowded sidewalk. On Park Avenue, one man who wouldn’t give his name but admitted to owning a building around the corner, said he thought the protesters needed a more coherent message. In front of Mr. Koch’s home, a woman walking a black standard poodle found she could go no further due to the horde of protesters making their way down the street.

“I defend their right to do this, absolutely,” the woman, who would only give her name as Allison, said. “Sure, it’s annoying. But….”

The march was organized by UnitedNY, the Strong Economy for All Coalition, the Working Families Party and New York Communities for Change.

Uptown Grr! Protesters Start Occupying The Upper East Side