Walkin’ the Walk: Bloomberg Joins Hacker News (Maybe)


Did Mayor Mike Bloomberg, tech champion, join the influential geek forum Hacker News? It appears so. About 12 hours ago, someone registered an account for “mikebloomberg” and submitted a link to a video on Mr. Bloomberg’s website entitled “My Visit to TechStars’ Demo Day in NYC.”

Oof, not a good topic for a Y Combinator-controlled forum. But heyy, the billionaire is already on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube and Flickr. Why not Hacker News? What about Reddit? “I am billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg, AMA.”

This is the only submission from “mikebloomberg”; it has not left any comments, and it has 12 karma points. We’ve reached out to City Hall to confirm its authenticity. Walkin’ the Walk: Bloomberg Joins Hacker News (Maybe)