Wanna Drink and Play Pinball With GroupMe? That’ll Be $20

GroupMe, the humble startup that went from hackathon to $85 million exit in less than two years, is now officially owned by Microsoft. But they’re still GroupMe from the block! The startup is offering a meet-and-greet through Sidetour, a TechStars startup trying to create a freelancer-powered activity market. “Talk Startups and Play Pinball With GroupMe” will set you back $20, which goes to benefit the HackNY startup internship program.

Hear the inside story behind their success straight from the founders, Steve Martocci and Jared Hecht.

Take a peak at GroupMe’s new Union Square office and chat with both of them to learn about life in the flourishing New York start-up community. Most of the team will be around for this special Happy Hour, where you’ll get a chance to throw back a few beers before putting your skills to the test on GroupMe’s famed Medieval Madness pinball machine.

No doubt there are some young entrepreneurs who would love to pick the GroupMe brain. The company is the first startup to list an activity on Sidetour, but we’re sure we’ll see more. Push-ups at SinglePlatform? StarCraft with Fitocracy? Tour of schmancy East Village eateries with Naveen Selvadurai?

Skillshare is also hosting classes from New York VCs and entrepreneurs who are donating the money to HackNY, with the goal of raising $15,000. Wanna Drink and Play Pinball With GroupMe? That’ll Be $20