Check Out Our New Web Series The Pitch

It all starts with the pitch. Thousands of new tech startups will be founded in New York this year. Hundreds will be funded. Only a few will persevere to create a lasting business.

To get funding, a company has to catch an investor’s eye. The format for finding those backers, more often than not, is the pitch, an impassioned act of sales that explains why your company is the next big thing and you are the right person to pull it off.

Good venture capitalists, like baseball players, pick the right pitch to swing at. Just as a top slugger hits .300, the best VCs typically back three winning companies out of every ten tries. The elite have a higher average, and few home runs along the way.

We sifted through hundreds of eager applicants to find some of New York’s top prospects. This series profiles them and captures the process as they pitch Lerer Ventures face-to-face.

Want to know more about the companies involved? Check out our founder’s guide, here.

Check Out Our New Web Series The Pitch