Yoko Ono Comes to Soho for John Lennon’s 71st Birthday

Imagine... 4,000 bucks for a weekend!

Well, well, well. Look who’s leaving the Dakota for Soho.

Yoko Ono has leased 10,000 square feet along the cobblestone streets where she will exhibit her late husband’s artwork for four days this weekend. 76 Wooster Street, a four-story brick building between Spring and Broome, will house Gimme Some Truth, a “visual tribute for John Lennon’s 71st birthday,” on view October 7-10.

The artwork for sale consists of lithographs, seriographs and copper etchings of the pen, pencil and Japanese sumi ink drawings of John Lennon, and each are “signed” in the Japanese tradition with Mr. Lennon’s “chop,” a personalized red stamp which in his case reads “Like a Cloud, Beautiful Sound.” Also available are lithographs of some rare Bag One drawings, the portfolio of wedding drawings and controversial erotic works (some depicting himself and his wife), which Mr. Lennon gave Ms. Ono at their wedding.

The space at 76 Wooster, formerly used for manufacturing, is often leased short-term and is sometimes donated to high-profile tenants, although in this case Ms. Ono’s Legacy Productions will pay $4,000. Owner John Pasquale, of PEP Realty, said the building and the neighborhood are full of history. The building has a pedigreed artistic past. “It formerly Grace Jones’ restaurant, and reportedly it was a reclusive hideout of Andy Warhol years ago,” Mr. Pasquale said.


Yoko Ono Comes to Soho for John Lennon’s 71st Birthday