14 Words to Describe the Foursquare.com Redesign

Foursquare's redesign emphasizes usefulness.

For a long time, the Foursquare website has played a vastly inferior second fiddle to the app’s first chair. Which makes sense, right? Foursquare is inherently mobile. Most users rely on the site to see their check-in history and perhaps review their friends lists. But most of the time users like Foursquare because they can passively brag about checking into Occupy Wall Street (99 percent bonus now worth +3), get deals at East Village eateries or find a place to grab drinks in an unfamiliar neighborhood. But it seems Foursquare has been tinkering with ways to make its website more of a draw. Yesterday the startup announced a complete refresh, adding several features that will make foursquare.com much less pointless more useful. “At foursquare we see the website as an integral part of our product and getting the chance to redesign this from the ground-up was a great opportunity, one that the small redesign team has slaved, sweated and poured a vast amount of our effort into over the last few months,” writes lead designer Sam Brown.

The new design was rolled out to users in waves throughout the day. Most obvious change: the map. If logged in, the map will show your friends, places that are trending, places on your lists, places with deals running and places that are popular on Foursquare. “And, to make sure it’s useful every time you visit, we also pull out a few results that are perfect for what you want to do next,” Foursquare says on its blog. “Load it up at 11:30 and we’ll start suggesting great lunch spots nearby, and in the early evening we’ll switch to places for dinner.”

Foursquare also added a tool for discovering new lists, with easy list search as well as recommendations. Place pages also got a refresh.

Words Foursquare uses to describe its redesign:

  • brighter
  • fresher
  • more flexible
  • awesome
  • bigger
  • prettier
  • new
  • solid
  • cohesive
  • consistent
  • cleaner
  • useful
  • perfect
  • interesting
14 Words to Describe the Foursquare.com Redesign