An Olsen Party! What Have America's Favorite Twins Been Up To?

An Olsen sandwich!

It was only a couple years ago that the Olsen twins were as ubiquitous as Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian combined. But time has either been fair or unfair to Mary-Kate and Ashley (depending on your view of fame vs. the relative hassle of paparazzi stalking), and as of late its their younger sister Elizabeth who has been getting all the attention for her groundbreaking performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

We’re not saying this spotlight swivel would make New York’s most infamous set of celebutante twins mad…but you know that none of their work in film has ever been called “shattering.” (Despite the fact that one of the Ms. Olsens made out with Ben Kingsley in The Wackness.) So what have the twosome been doing to put their name back on their radar?

Going round the NYC party circuit, for deffies, like attending last night’s cocktail party thrown by (for?) Christian Louboutin at Barney’s. We must remember: these girls, like Ms. Kardashian, are entrepreneurs first…last we checked, their combined worth was in the billions (and that’s not for their acting prowess). Their $39,000 alligator backpacks were flying off the shelves during Fashion Week, because who doesn’t need an alligator backpack?

And apparently it was Mary-Kate, not Ashley who Saturday Night Live comedian Jason Sudeikis has been seeing lately. That makes sense: Mr. Sudeikis’ last girlfriend was January Jones, another party-hopping, icy blonde. (Everyone knows MK is the crazier of the twins.) Ashley’s love life is a little more speculative, but there’s a chance she’s trying to nab a certified geek, as evidenced by her and Mary-Kate’s Halloween ad for a social-networking site featuring light sabers and storm trooper helmets. Sexy!

An Olsen Party! What Have America's Favorite Twins Been Up To?