Andrew Cuomo Suggests Occupy Movement Can Move His Agenda

Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggested on David Paterson’s radio show today that the Occupy movements that are happening in New York City, Albany and across the nation can help advance his agenda.

“To get any change in Albany is so so hard,” Mr. Cuomo told his predecessor.  “The interests are entrenched, they are institutionalized, they do business with each other and they have for years. The only way to get read change in Albany is from it happening from outside. These external groups that are pressuring for change, if done well,  actually can be very helpful to the process and someone such as myself or you were you when governor to bring change to a moribund system that is mired in the status quo.”

To which Mr. Paterson replied, “Wow!”

Mr. Cuomo has made enlisting his constituents on behalf of his agenda a hallmark of his tenure, whether it be on property taxes, gay marriage or ethics. That said, those protesters up in Albany have made pressuring Gov. Cuomo a centerpiece of their agenda, especially around the millionaire’s tax.

Mr. Cuomo also waxed nostalgic about his own marching days.

“Back in the day when we were young and had the energy we both could throw a bomb or two, in a metaphoric sense,” he said.  “And enjoyed the demonstrations and the protest and reveled in our First Amendment and I think it had an effect.”

Gov. Cuomo did say however that he didn’t think the protesters should break the law.


  Andrew Cuomo Suggests Occupy Movement Can Move His Agenda