Bayshore Tea Party stands with embattled Cain

The Bayshore Tea Party has no intention of bailing on flailing GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

“I’m not off the Cain Train,” said Barbara Gonzalez, founder of the nearly 1,000-member group that endorsed Cain earlier this year.

After sustaining sexual harassment charges, briefly leading the presidential contenders then tumbling, Cain this week faces an allegation by a woman who said she had a 13-year relationship with the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, which the married-Cain denies.

“Until they can prove something, we continue to support him,” Gonzalez told “I do think it’s a smear campaign. If you noticed, as soon as he was the top in polling, that’s when it all started. This is hitting below the belt, these charges of sexual harassment. No one else came forward, and now they come up with an affair. Until something is proven, no one is buying it.”

As Cain huddled with supporters in “reassessment” mode, according to CNN, Gonzalez said her group has no coordinated back-up candidate in case Cain implodes.

“We’re not jumping onto Newt’s bandwagon,” she said. Bayshore Tea Party stands with embattled Cain