Beauty Bloggers, You’re Next On MTV’s Exploitation Wishlist

Not longhand for 'Beauty Blogger' but still somehow an apropos graphic no less.

Do you write about beauty products? Do you write about them…on The Internet? Do you do it…in a blog? Well, then, like Occupy Wall Street kids and club kids and the Furries before them, we gather that Beauty Bloggers are next on the list. And how can we tell?


Because this MTV development exec is casting on Twitter, but of course:



Just remember, the Blogger Reality Show has been attempted and failed enough times over the last six years to the point where any development exec with enough brain cells to render them capable of breathing in and out of their nose is totally inexcusable for even proposing it. So now, one supposes, we’re seeing the next trend in Blogger Reality Show casting: the specialized blogger.

The point, here, is that they should not make television shows about bloggers unless they are wildly invigorated with the help of uninterrupted flights of fancy and fiction, because otherwise those shows would be boring, because bloggers lives are boring. But hey, it’s MTV’s money. And if they’re smart enough to bring Beavis & Butthead back, maybe it’ll work. Beauty Bloggers, You’re Next On MTV’s Exploitation Wishlist