Black Friday Report: Ideeli Doubles Weekend Revenue Over 2010

Ideeli CEO Paul Hurley

Just a quick hit from the front lines of the e-commerce madness. One of New York’s big daily deal players, ideeli, just fired off an email on their Black Friday sales. The economy as a whole may be in the toilet, but that’s not showing up in their numbers.

  • ideeli doubled revenue over last year for the Black Friday weekend.
  • Visits to the site were up 30% over last year during the same period.
  • Conversion rate was up 50%. Not only did more customers visit, they bought more.
  • Over the Black Friday weekend, mobile traffic was double compared to same period last year. ideeli is now seeing over 20% in sales coming from mobile devices.
  • Cyber Monday sales were up 36% as of 2pm yesterday.

The dark economic climate may in fact be contributing to ideeli’s success. As CEO Paul Hurley told Betabeat back in August, “Recessions are very good for businesses like ours, because there is so much excess product available, and people are looking for good deals. Most of our market is aspirational consumer, we do big brands but not couture. Partly what happened at Gilt was they built a brand around the promise of luxury discounts, and that is not a scalable model. We have a much larger target market of lower end shoppers.”

Ok Gilt, hit us with some holiday numbers and show Mr. Hurley if this whole luxury discounts thing can scale or what? Black Friday Report: Ideeli Doubles Weekend Revenue Over 2010