Bloomberg Says Ruling 'Vindicates' Decision To Clear Park

A little while ago Judge Michael Stallman ruled that protesters were permitted to return to Zuccotti Park, but were not permitted to bring tents, tarps or generators.

And Mayor Bloomberg quickly released a statement saying that the ruling vindicated his administration’s decision to clear the park. He also said that if protesters were unhappy about being kept out of Zuccotti earlier today, they had no one to blame but themselves: Had they followed city orders all along, and not brought the lawsuit, they could have returned earlier today.

“This morning we planned to re-open Zuccotti Park to the public, including any protestors, at approximately 8:00 AM when the cleaning was completed. The opening of the park was delayed due to legal action taken against the City, but Zuccotti Park is now open to the public,” the mayor said. Read More Bloomberg Says Ruling 'Vindicates' Decision To Clear Park