Bloomberg Talks Guns and Democracy

Due to Veterans Day, Mayor Mike Bloomberg had only a brief stint at his weekly radio show with John Gambling, but the two talked about the most recent elections in the Virginia State Legislature, in which Mr. Bloomberg sent money to six anti gun lawmakers, all six of whom went on to win on Election Day.

“It was heartening,” the mayor  said of the victories. “But unfortunately the group of people who think everybody should be carrying guns, including children and people with psychiatric problems and people with criminal records still have an enormous amount of power.”

The mayor noted that there are still tough gun laws on the books in New York, but because guns are so easy to carry across state lines,  “this is a national problem.”

He cited his oft-cited statistics–that the number of people slain every day by gun violence equals those who killed in the Virginia Tech shooting and added, “It’s just got to stop, John. And these six people were willing to stand up and they ran some risks of the pro-gun lobby, or however you want to phrase that lobby, fighting against them and so I said this is what I believe in.”

The mayor then extolled the benefits of democracy.

“I am a big believer in democracy and you should support those who  believe in what you believe, and who fight for what you  believe in, and you can do it with going to work for them in the polls, you can do it by voting for them, you can do it by sending a dollar or whatever you can,” the mayor said. “I am in a situation where I can do a little more and that’s what I am going to do.”

Mr. Bloomberg said that most people want reasonable controls on guns, and he and Mr. Gambling discussed a bill making its way through Congress that would force states that allow their own residents to carry concealed handguns in public to extend the right to visitors from another state.


“It would be a disaster”

Some states you can have an enormous crimincal recod and psycholgoical problems and be ten years old and be able to get a gun

The federal laws that are there today just need a little bit of tightening.

Big gun sellers like Walmart have been scrupulously honest.

And to let that go throughout the country would just be frightening.


Bloomberg Talks Guns and Democracy