Caputo not backing Oliver for speaker right now

Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, (D-28), Belleville, this afternoon told he won’t commit to Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-34), dropping the speaker’s Essex County support to five out of eight.

“I’m not committed yet,” Caputo said. “I want all of this to settle down. I want the political egotists to get out of the pictue and let the speaker do her own campaigning. The Joe D’s and Norcross’s still have a role, but it’s got to subside a bit to let people make their own decisions.”

Caputo said he respects the leadership of Essex County Democratic Chairman Phil Thigpen and underscored that his views carry weight as far as the assemblyman is concerned.

He didn’t rule out eventually backing Oliver in the event that a speaker’s war erupts at reorganization next Thursday.

“We could take a guess about what’s going to happen, but no one knows,” Caputo added.


Caputo not backing Oliver for speaker right now