Chartbeat Labs Keeps the Innovation on Refresh

A universe of users

For Chartbeat addicts like us, the introduction of the new Labs page is a real problem. There is now a smorgasbord of tantalizing visuals to watch, from maps to solar systems, that represent the incoming traffic to Betabeat.

Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile says Labs is a place to highlight the work his team does during their “free” time. Like Google, Mr. Haile insists that his shop spend one out of every seven weeks working on their own side projects. “The only rule is they can’t work on stuff in the development queue.”

The idea is to unleash a whole range of creativity that the team would otherwise miss. “It shows me where I am missing things and what opportunities we might explore in the future,” said Mr. Haile.

For a company focused around providing an analytic service, it’s also a reminder that product is at the core of what Chartbeat does. “It’s all about inspiring the team and helping to refresh their innovation,” he said. Chartbeat Labs Keeps the Innovation on Refresh