Christie on Corzine: ‘This has really got to get to him’

JERSEY CITY – Asked his opinion of the bankruptcy filing by former-Gov. Jon Corzine’s firm MF Global, the current governor said he knows Corzine to be a competitive guy, so it must sting.

Gov. Chris Christie called Corzine a “very intense, competitive guy” whom he has known for a decade – and aside from their gubernatorial face-off, not someone Christie would generally clash with.

But confronted with a situation such as this – bankruptcy filing and allegations of mishandling of funds by MF Global personnel – Christie said it must be “extraordinarily distressing” for the former governor.

“I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of the situation,” Christie said, but, “This has really got to get to him.”

“I feel bad for investors in MF Global,” he said, and hopes that they can recoup as much of their losses as possible.

Otherwise, Christie said, he has no opinion of the news. “It’s one of those things were folks try to get me and Gov. Corzine at cross purposes.”


Christie on Corzine: ‘This has really got to get to him’