Clip The Web For Your Foursquare To-Do List With New Button and Bookmarklet

Twitter, Facebook and now...foursquare buttons.

You’re bouncing around the web and come across a sweet new crasian fusion (Cajun Asian) that would be the perfect date spot for you and the cutey you met trolling Zaarly for work last weekend. But are you really gonna stop surfing the web and jump over to foursquare to save it on your To Do list, or even less likely, whip our your smartphone and note it in the app.

Foursquare is making it a lot easier for folks to add things to their lists by enabling a save to foursquare button. It’s like Instapaper, for places! They are launching it today with a bunch of big publishers including Frommer’s Travel,, Time Out NY, Time Out Boston, Time Out Chicago, Time Out NY Kids, New York Magazine, CBS Local Digital Media, and

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But let’s say you’re off the beaten path, scoping out some underground foodie blogs where all the hip dumpling tours are listed. “We’ve also built a ‘save’ button that people can use on any page on the Internet. Just drag and drop the new bookmark button to the bookmark bar on your browser to save the place you’re reading about, on any webpage, to your foursquare To-Do List,” the company told Betabeat by email.

While we’re on the subject of foursquare, the company also rolled out a redesigned developer page today with a lot more detail on how to interact with the startup’s four different APIs. There is now a tutorial and samples to help novice developers integrate this location data into their apps. As foursquare points out, they now receive more than 2,000 API requests per second, so a place where developers can get their questions answered is key.

Clip The Web For Your Foursquare To-Do List With New Button and Bookmarklet