Composer Marvin Hamlisch Scores Park Avenue Sale

Marvin Hamlisch

Composer Marvin Hamlisch is one of the talented few—only 10 in the world!—who have won an E.G.O.T.: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. Add a Pulitzer to his trophy case, and Mr. Hamlisch is one of the most decorated artists around. It seems that aside from scoring music and major awards, the composer has another talent: real estate. Mr. Hamlisch has just sold his snazzy apartment at 970 Park Avenue, and he’s definitely ending his stint in the building on a high note.

According to city records, Mr. Hamlisch has lived in the building since at least 1995. While we don’t know what he paid for it, it was surely a minuscule fraction of the $5.2 million he just made on the sale. A source in the buildingl tells The Observer that Mr. Hamlisch, a New York native, has moved out of the city.

The property was never on the market publicly, which comes as no surprise seeing that the buyers are Nancy and Rob Englander. The Englanders, longtime residents of the building, recently sold their penthouse for $21.9 million. Mr. Englander, who sits on the co-op board, is the president of Belvoir Media group, a publishing group focusing primarily on niche magazines.

One broker familiar with the sale said neither party was spending much time on Park anymore, which led Mr. Hamlisch to move and the Englanders to downsize. Since both parties had been considering selling for a while, the deal was “a bird in the hand,” this broker said.

Since the apartment was never on the market, the details of the space are limited. Our source tells The Observer that the apartment needs considerable work and that the Englanders will start renovating the place soon. While doubtless considerably smaller than their previous five-bedroom, five-bath triplex, the construction project will help add a personal touch to their cozy new home—assuming “cozy” can be used to describe a seven-figure Park Avenue apartment. Composer Marvin Hamlisch Scores Park Avenue Sale