Crosby and Nash's Occupy Wall Street Concert [Video]

David Crosby and Graham Nash in Zuccotti (Getty Images)

Yesterday afternoon, Zuccotti Park members were treated to a musical set from two thirds of 70s folk rock supergroup Crosby Stills and Nash. If there was some media outlet out there that had yet to compare Occupy Wall Street to Woodstock, David Crosby and Graham Nash‘s arrival on the scene with a set list of five classic hits (including “Long Time Gone” and “Teach Your Children,” the latter of which probably only struck those over 40 in the park as somewhat ironic,) would have rectified that immediately. Before launching into “They Want It All,” Mr. Nash dedicated the song to “the guys in the buildings down here.”

Watch the entire performance below, courtesy of Vimeo user JoeyBoots.

Crosby and Nash @ Occupy Wall Street – Full Set – NYC from JoeyBoots on Vimeo.

Surprisingly, at no point during the concert did a member of the audience yell out “Play Freebird!” Crosby and Nash's Occupy Wall Street Concert [Video]