Rolls Out a Redesign and Deals to Get an Edge on Its Hungrier Competiton

Fresh redesign! Get it while it's hot!

Being early to market isn’t always an advantage. Especially when you may have been a little too early for mass consumer adoption–and are owned by the VC arm of A big corporation like Cantor Fitzgerald. Enter, a website that connects its half  million users with local merchants to get goods delivered, was launched back in 2004 (same year as GrubHub). You can think of it like a hybrid of modern-day Seamless (which was born as a corporate catering company in 1999) crossed with, since the site also connects users with local merchants who sell groceries, alcohol, flowers, pet supplies, and deli items. But there’s no army of messengers in green and orange. In’s case, the stores themselves do the delivering.

[Let’s all give a moment of silence for our dearly departed, shall we?]

Now that the convenience economy (err, laziness market? we’re still l0oking for the right word) is bubbling over, sites like Seamless (née Seamlessweb), Grubhub, Amazon’s and are all spending heavily to become the slothful person’s service of choice. Even the Zaarlys and TaskRabbits of the world–which let you hire someone else to, say, deliver you a pack of gum–are rapidly multiplying.

To get its head in the game, launched a redesigned site today along with a number of new features. The site, which Betabeat (a long time New Yorker and big time Kozmo fan) had actually never heard of, did gross revenues of $50 million last year and expects to double that this year, but wouldn’t disclose profits or margins except to say that the “lion’s share” of its business comes from restaurant delivery.

Unlike competitors, which spend on aggressively signing up new locations, has a network gives commissions if you recruit a restaurant to their site, which might be why they’re growing slower, with 10,000 restaurants listed (compared to Seamless’s claim of 40,000).

The redesign lets users see relevant content based on their location, view recent orders, reorder favorite orders with the push of a button, and more. Then comes the new features…

There’s a virtual punch card for discounts! Loyalty points that can be directed to charities! Office for group ordering! A partnership with Verizon FIOS to let you order from your TV! Service to let you order from your hotel room! And did we mention the daily deals!

“What’s hot in the environment is deals,” Jonathan Mark, VP of marketing told Betabeat over the phone. Hey, if you’re competing with everyone else, might as well add Groupon and its clones to the mix. Rolls Out a Redesign and Deals to Get an Edge on Its Hungrier Competiton