Democratic Hopeful Blasts Hayworth For ‘Hypocrisy’ on Jobs Fair

Matt Alexander working the campaign trail. (Photo: Friends of Matt Alexander)

Hudson Valley congressional hopeful Matt Alexander fired his first salvo against incumbent Rep. Nan Hayworth Monday, blasting the Republican for promoting a job fair in Fishkill while opposing President Barack Obama’s federal job creation agenda.

“When Nan gets in front of that group of job seekers in Fishkill, she might tell them she cares about their plight, but her actions in Washington tell an entirely different story,” the Democratic mayor of Wappinger Falls, who became the second candidate to challenge Rep. Hayworth last week, said in a statement. “Nan has tried time and again to gut job-creating federal investments that would put Hudson Valley residents to work, and now she has the audacity to claim she wants to help in their job search. Get real.”

Mr. Alexander touted his efforts to invest in Wappinger Falls’ infrastructure–which he says have led to a 17% growth rate since he took over six years ago–while blasting Tea Partier Rep. Hayworth for opposing federal aid for damage caused by Hurricane Irene and Rep. Paul Ryan’s “radical” April budget proposal.

“It’s not enough to just talk about the need for jobs. If you’re not leading for jobs, or in Nan’s case actively working against them, it’s worse than empty rhetoric–it’s hypocrisy,” Alexander added.

Rep. Hayworth’s job fair is running all day Monday at the Fishkills Recreation Center. Forty-five prospective employers ranging from IBM to ShopRite are on hand; the list of seminars includes “End Procrastination NOW” and “How to Manage Stress in Uncertain Times.”

  Democratic Hopeful Blasts Hayworth For ‘Hypocrisy’ on Jobs Fair