Table for 18,000? Danny Meyer Serves Up Massive Pre-Marathon Dinner

Pasta for the Marathon Eve Dinner

Ever wonder what 2,000 pounds of pasta looks like? The chef’s at Danny Meyer’s catering and events group Union Square Events know all too well. They have been charged with the daunting task of preparing food for the Marathon Eve Dinner this weekend. Expected number of guests? 18,000.

Union Square Events will be feeding an army over the next two days. Between the Marathon Eve Dinner and providing fodder for spectators during the race, thousands of hungry people will be demanding sustenance from Danny Meyer’s dauntless cuisiniers

What’s on the menu for the 18,000 person pre-marathon meal, you wonder? Carbs, carbs and more carbs, obviously. Runners will fill up on rigatoni with turkey sausage, toasted barley and creamy mac n’cheese the night before they lace up their running shoes and head to the race.

But preparing the food has been no easy feat. Raw ingredients for the meal include:

2,050 pounds of freshly cooked pasta.

1,400 pounds of turkey sausage and roasted garlic.

194 gallons of marinara sauce with fresh basil (10 kilos of basil, to be precise).

-Over 1,800 quarts of housemade cheese sauce for mac & cheese.

33,000 sourdough dinner rolls.

Sounds like Atkins’ worst nightmare! Fortunately, if you’re running 26 miles you don’t have to worry about carb counting.


Table for 18,000? Danny Meyer Serves Up Massive Pre-Marathon Dinner