Don’t forget about Brad

As former Gov. Jon Corzine begins to wheel and deal for his future, another former New Jersey politico also is on the hotseat.

Former Corzine Chief of Staff and Goldman Sachs buddy Bradley Abelow, who was also the state’s treasurer, is President and Chief Operating Officer at MF Global, the now bankrupt firm under investigation over the possibility that the company commingled client money with firm assets.

According to reports, several hundred million dollars are still unaccounted for.

Abelow appeared in bankruptcy court today but declined to answer questions about the shortfall investigators are looking at.  Like Corzine, Abelow would be due a severance – $9 million – but reports today said the bankruptcy casts doubt on both men’s golden parachutes.

The two men have served together for years, first at Goldman, later in Trenton and now MF Global.  Together they’ve made millions.  Looks like the ride is over.


Don’t forget about Brad