Fab.com’s Fabulous Cyber Monday Returns


Some data from Fab.com’s blog-happy CEO Jason Goldberg, who checked in with some data earlier this week from Fab’s Cyber Monday sale. Mr. Goldberg includes a triumphant illustration that would be a hockey stick if it weren’t a bar graph (and if it included all those early pivots). But as such, Fab’s orders by month have been steadily growing and in November, the company had what looks like more than a 33 percent increase, likely due to the big sale. Fab did more than $1.1 million in discounted deals on Monday alone Friday through Monday, the company reports.

The company is getting members inbound through social sources, most notably Facebook, Mr. Goldberg says, with more than 25 percent of their sale revenue coming from users who were originally referred by the social network. Email invites and Twitter shares accounted for another 25 percent of sales on Monday.

“Meanwhile, it was certainly a blowout mobile holiday for Fab.com, as more than 20% of sales came via our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps,” Mr. Goldberg wrote. If the growth continues and the sales keep up, it’s a great success story for a startup that was once a struggling social network for gays, then a gay deal site, before finally finding its calling. Fab.com’s Fabulous Cyber Monday Returns