Former Police Captain Ray Lewis Fed ‘Up’ With Chris Hayes (Video)

Philly anti-Frakker stone-cold in interview

Ray Lewis on MSNBC

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was practically giddy with excitement this Saturday morning. Not only had the morning news host snagged retired Philadelphia police Captain Ray Lewis (whose arrest during Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action” last week made for some great copy and even better photojournalism), but he was able to start off his segment with a bunch of Star Wars references. Zoinkers!

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Captain Lewis seemed unamused by Mr. Hayes enthusiasm: not only does he correct the host on his date of arrival at Zuccotti (“I didn’t come down Thursday, I came down Monday to assist the movement”), but he drops a big wet blanket on the leading question of his treatment at the hands of the NYPD.

Chris Hayes: The question that I guess that I’m dying to know is what your interactions with the NYPD was like. Presumably it was a little different than if I had been down there arrested, or someone else. Obviously, you were dressed like this…what was the interaction like?

Captain Ray Lewis: It was exemplary professional conduct, with me and every protester that I witnessed.

Chris Hayes: Ah. Interesting.

This clearly wasn’t the sensationalist story of special treatment from the NYPD (nor an across-the-board condemnation for New York’s finest) that Mr. Hayes was looking for. We could have told him that Captain Lewis had his soundbites ready about his arrest before the weekend began.

What strikes us as more interesting (and which the show completely glosses over,) is Captain Lewis’ “special project” involving a Fracking protest upstate. Can we here more about that, please? Also, Captain Lewis gets all his information from the Internet and refuses to check other news sources? Is he part of Anonymous? These are the hard-hitting questions we want answered!

(And FYI: Don’t think we didn’t notice that you used the photos from Johnny Milano which first appeared on our site, MSNBC.) Former Police Captain Ray Lewis Fed ‘Up’ With Chris Hayes (Video)