Former Vogue Paris Editor, Carine Roitfeld, to Become a Grandma

Carine Roitfeld had big news for us Friday. We chatted with the former Vogue Paris editor as she signed copies of her new book, Irreverent, at Marc Jacobs’s cleverly but obviously named Bleecker Street bookshop,  Bookmarc. Much to our surprise (and delight), the beaming Ms. Roitfeld spoke exclusively to The Observer, revealing that next year she is to become a grandmother.

Her daughter, model and designer Julia Restoin Roitfeld—who has been dating fellow model Robert Konjic—is three months pregnant.

While discussing her son Vladimir’s recent appearance on the cover of NYO, the former editor of Vogue Paris broke composure, interrupting our polite inquiries to exclaim, “This is the big news of this week. I’m going to be a grandmother. My daughter is having a little baby in May.”

Ms. Roitfeld even drew a halt to the signing of her book—which is a chronicle of her collaborations with the likes of Mario Testino and family friend Tom Ford—to bring us up to speed with all things natal.

And is it a boy or a girl?  To Ms. Roitfeld, that was not important. “I am so proud of my family,” she enthused. “I have not asked. I do not want to know.”

The predominantly young crowd were eager for some face time with the Gallic editrix, and she was happy for the attention. “It’s very special to me that people come to see me,” she acknowledged.

However, a note to the future grandchild: being a member of the ultra-glam Roitfeld family is not without the burdens of renown. Book in hand, one member of the crowd—a petite fashion student—was proud to admit; “I’m really happy just to have seen her. I met her once last year and I followed her up the elevator…she remembered me though.”



  Former Vogue Paris Editor, Carine Roitfeld, to Become a Grandma