Funnel Your Flood of Social Streams With The New

Mad flavor in your ear (or eyes)

If you’re a techie who reads Betabeat on the regular, then you probably use a dozen or more social services that give you that option to follow your friends. For the power users among us, the new delivers a single stream that unites all this data in one place and gives you granular control over what is displayed.

Up till now Flavors has been mostly thought of as a easy way to create a slick profile page. But now it wants to move beyond the static to help users follow and interact with their social streams.

“When you share things on Facebook these days it just looks awful, compressed down type, like Craigslist from five years ago,” said Flavors CEO Jonathan Marcus, who stopped by the Betabeat offices to demo the new version. “That’s our big differentiator. We let you bring in all this third party content and present in a visually compelling way.”

The new Flavors stream is reminiscent of Tumblr. It has a nice native audio player, so if you’re seeing the tracks friends are sharing from Hype Machine, say, you can also give them a listen without leaving the stream. “Soon people will be able to create content that goes into the streams of those who follow them,” says Mr. Marcus. After that it would make more sense to compare it to Tumblr than, its AOL-owned competitor.

“Hopefully we’re surfacing thing you wouldn’t otherwise see,” said Mr. Marcus. “It’s a great way for Android users to follow Instragram for example.” And users can choose exactly which people and which services they want to follow, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with over saturated pet photos, for example, you can toggle off Instagram.

To get access to all 35 different third-party services users have to upgrade to the paid version, and Mr. Marcus says around 7 percent of Flavors 750,000 users have done so. Parent company HiiDef, which also operates Goodsie, raised $3 million back in September.

There are a lot of compelling things about the new Flavors, but it does seem to cross the line sometimes into a tool for those with perpetual FOMO. “I live with my brother David, and he’s my best friend,” said Mr. Marcus. “But I still miss a lot of his output because it’s scattered across different services.”

Flavors 2: Social Streams from Hiidef on Vimeo. Funnel Your Flood of Social Streams With The New