Gojee Launches… Drinks Gojee!

Gojee, the double-pivoted startup that now delivers beautiful recipe suggestions based on what you have in your pantry, just announced a milestone and a new product: 200,000 registered users and a Drinks recipe finder to complement its Food recipe finder.

“Gojee Drinks features recipes from over 40 of the best drink writers in the world and introduces a sleek new experience,” co-founder Michael LaValle said in an email. “There are also a few other surprises sprinkled throughout (try searching for ‘vodka’ in Drinks or ‘chicken’ in food).”

Tell Gojee Drinks your preferences and your supply (“I Crave” x, “I Have” y, and “I Dislike” z) and it can offer “drink recipes for all occasions, ages, and religious denominations.”

“But don’t you worry, unlike other sites, you won’t find 400 of the same martini recipe,” says the press release from Gojee, which was inspired in party by the shortcomings of recipe websites. “And if you find something you haven’t heard of, you can rest assured it’s not a Four Loko and Everclear abomination some frat brother decided to ‘invent.’ All of our bloggers are handpicked and each of their recipes are screened by real live humans before graduating to Gojee Drinksdom. You’ll find only the most drool-inducing, awe-inspiring and hyphen-warranting drink recipes here.”

Gojee, which recently announced a $1.2 million funding round from Kapor Capital, is operating out of Projective Space in Soho. It’s one of the larger tenants of the coworking spot, with seven employees.

The startup is also hosting a “Happy Mouth Explosion” party on Saturday at WeWork Lounge. What’s the internet slang for drinks? Liquid noms?

Gojee Launches… Drinks Gojee!