GOP tries to bump Dems off North Arlington council

It’s on political overload in North Arlington, as two Democrats fight to stay on the council and fend off former GOP Councilman Gary Burns and his running mate Kirk Del Russo.

If Councilmen Steven A. Tanelli and Mark Yampaglia lose on Tuesday, Mayor Pete Massa will be the sole remaining Democrat in office with a 6-0 GOP council in a Bergen County town that was all-Republican as recently as seven years ago before swinging Democrat.

Burns and Del Russo want to put North Arlington back solidly in the R column but must first withstand a barrage.

A mail piece that hit boxes this week accuses Burns of raising taxes 300 percent while he served in office.

“Let’s stop the nonsense and talk about the issues,” the former councilman told “We have a five- and a ten-year plan for North Arlington and they continually put out this misleading information. The Democrats don’t want to talk about the issues, they want to talk about cartoons. I was a five-term councilman and they added all of that up, including school taxes and everything else. That number’s bogus.” 

GOP tries to bump Dems off North Arlington council