Governor’s office derides Greenwald’s Treasury criticism

TRENTON – The governor’s office shot back at the Assembly Budget chairman after he criticized the administration’s reasoning regarding lower-than-anticipated revenue collections.

After Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff reported that October’s severe weather, primarily the unseasonably rough snowstorm, contributed to revenue collections being about 3.1 percent below projections, Budget Committee head Lou Greenwald, (D-6), Voorhees, compared that explanation with a child telling a teacher the dog ate his homework.

Governor’s office spokesman Michael Drewniak responded that Greenwald’s criticism was gratuitous and unnecessary.

“Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald couldn’t resist taking a gratuitous shot today at Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff for his discussion of lower-than-budgeted tax collections last month due to the severe effects of October’s unprecedented raging weather and power outages,” Drewniak said in a release.

“We’re comfortable with that reasoned assumption on the Treasurer’s part. The Governor’s Office is also absolutely relieved it didn’t follow Assemblyman Greenwald’s advice and adhere to the Office of Legislative Service’s revenue projections for FY 2012.

“Had we done that, well, we’d be repeating history and putting New Jersey right back in the same kind of economic distress we endured from the impulsive, fairy tale budgeting and spending policies of the Greenwald-Corzine era. And look how that worked out for us all.”

During the budget-discussion season earlier this year, the governor’s office and the Democrats fought over which budget projections should be followed: the OLS revenue projections or the more conservative Treasury estimates.

The Treasury estimates became the certified, official figures to be used for the budget.

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