Happy Update Your Parents’ Browser Day!

The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal hit a nerve when he named this Thanksgiving “Update Your Parents’ Browser Day.” Lifehacker threw up a post, “How to Switch Your Parents’ Browser Without Them Knowing,” while TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsias blogged that “Nobody Wants to Feel Obsolete,” which we thought at first was going to be the obligatory incendiary “quitting TechCrunch” post. Readers responded heartily with tales of parental cluelessness; Google’s Matt Cutts described sneakily switching out Chrome for IE6 but leaving it in the same place with the same IE icon. Even Mr.Madrigal’s mom chimed in the comments.

So the big day is here: how did it go? Aside from some “whose-browser-is-best” quibbling aside (one TechCrunch commenter recommended installing Linux, which sounds like a nightmare) and arguments over whether it’s okay to switch brands, the internet seems generally on board with the idea of upgrading the ‘rents. But we haven’t heard any actual tales of the changeover (read: on Reddit, Twitter and in blog comments). Anyone out there in Betabeatland get a chance to do this?

Bonus! Betabeat browser stats:

Chrome 39.46%
Firefox 22.32%
Safari 15.52%
Internet Explorer 10.32%
Mozilla Compatible Agent 7.69%
Android Browser 2.99%
Opera 0.56%
Opera Mini 0.25%
RockMelt 0.23%
IE with Chrome Frame 0.13%

Of the IE users, 2.09 percent are using the soon-to-be obsolete IE6. Happy Update Your Parents’ Browser Day!