How Big Is Hudson Yards?

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Big. Really big. As usual, the erudite Charles Bagli puts it into perspective in all of one sentence:

Still, city officials predict that within two decades, Hudson Yards could have more office space than Baltimore or Portland, Ore., and as many apartments as Stamford, Conn.

It’s a city in a few city blocks.

The Times sat down with Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well, for a look back at the Olympics that weren’t, and how New York may have won anyway.

Even Mr. Bloomberg, who allowed that he “hates to lose,” said that in retrospect, the failure of the Olympic bid may have been a blessing for the city.

“Given what happened to the economy, it would’ve been tough to raise all the money,” Mr. Bloomberg said in an interview.

But, he added, his administration pushed ahead with many of the projects and land-use changes that were contained in the Olympic proposal, not just on the Far West Side, but in other parts of the city as well.

“We thought the Olympics would be the catalyst to get a lot of things that many people thought the city needed,” he said. “In fact, many got done” anyway.

From five rings to three on the Far West Side.

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How Big Is Hudson Yards?