In JC, Healy fundraising toward third term

Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy hears the tramp of feet at the back of downtown Councilman Steve Fulop and the buzz around state Sen. Sandra Cunningham, (D-31), Jersey City, as challengers to his power, but the sitting mayor wants his troops to know he doesn’t plan to go anywhere.

Toward a third term, the Healy for Mayor contingent has scheduled a $300 and $150-a-head fundraiser at Puccini’s Restaurant on Dec. 6th.

Healy’s allies have also formed a political action committee, JC1, and sources close to the mayor are preparing to make a 2013 stand.

The flare of energy around Healy is in the face of the public perception of growing establishment support around Fulop, in particular, a statewide funding presence whose last fundraiser this fall brought forth a surprising list of A-gamers, including North Bergen Mayor (and state Senator) Nick Sacco.

Fulop is the only formally announced candidate for mayor.

In JC, Healy fundraising toward third term