Inbox Heroes: ‘Inbox Zero’ Is the Wrong Objective

Mr. Holmes.

Chris Holmes is the founder and CEO of Meshin, on a mission to bring the world a contextually unified, prioritized view of the people and information that matter most, so they can better understand what takes priority and bring them to action.

The inbox is a busy place. It’s a hectic place where data and people overlap. Historically, the inbox hasn’t particularly cared whether it was your wife that sent an update on the kids or if your boss sent you an important file. Priority was lacking and, from the looks of it, productivity was, too.

As we’ve stepped away from the office to get more work done, we’ve brought the inbox with us on our mobile devices. Only now, it’s layered with messages from Twitter, Facebook and SMS. As a benchmark of productivity, the inbox at zero is a failed objective. The true objective is a smarter inbox with all of our communications put in context.

Undeniably, all of our relationships are important. But depending on context, some are simply more important than others. We developed Meshin, available in the Android Market, to automatically position the most important people front and center. We call those people VIPs, and Meshin knows that they are very important people.  Because priority is about knowing and doing what’s most important right now. We can shift context—from father to boss—but we can’t lose focus of (and what) is VIP to us.

In going a step further, there’s a need to unify communications streams into a single app. Switching back and forth between apps—checking Twitter and Facebook or Email and SMS messages—is hardly a model of productivity. Meshin unifies communications in a single place.

Meshin also allows for personalized activity streams based on the people and groups that matter most—one stream customized for family members and one for the team at work, for example, in order to put the information in context.

Undoubtedly, the email inbox is an important part of everyday life because it’s where we keep our relationships. A smarter inbox is all in context.
Inbox Heroes: ‘Inbox Zero’ Is the Wrong Objective