Knewton Partners With Pearson to Power Digital Education at Scale

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Knewton, the digital learning startup that just raised a $33 million series D, has announced a big partnership with one of its backers, Pearson. The duo hope to create a new kind of personalized education product. Knewton’s tech will power Pearson’s digital content and the pair will work together to make a new line of digital textbooks and coursework.

The strength of Knewton is its ability to deliver flexible education that adapts to the skills and pace of each student. “Knewton adaptive learning platform, as powerful as it is, would just be lines of code without Pearson,” said Jose Ferreira, founder and CEO of Knewton. “You’ll soon see Pearson products that diagnose each student’s proficiency at every concept, and precisely deliver the needed content in the optimal learning style for each. These products will use the combined data power of millions of students to provide uniquely personalized learning to each.”

Pearson has the scale that Knewton craves. According to Erick Schonfeld Pearson reaches around 75 percent of the market in terms of digital higher education. That means Knewton will have access to a huge new set of user data that can help educate its algorithm on how best to educate students. The machines are learning! Knewton Partners With Pearson to Power Digital Education at Scale